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A Message From Larry Greer, CEO

The Dream…

"Life is too short without the solace of a dream; a dream of food on the table, a dream of education for children, a dream of a steady job, and the dream of an affordable home. For hard working Filipinos that dream is overshadowed by the reality of an impoverished nation."

"Dreams should be bold, filled with hope and abundance, but it must begin with a belief: ATAP International believes that "All Things Are Possible." By infusing the Philippine workforce with employment opportunities, and energizing the economy of an entire nation, valuable on-the-job training and building 2.5 million quality affordable homes, their dreams have become more vivid and that much closer to reality."

Larry Greer has completed numerous multibillion-dollar projects. Some of which include:

  • Richmond Marina, CA
  • Contra Costa Redevelopment Agency, CA
  • Central Plaza Project, CA
  • Mercantile Center in Richmond, CA
  • San Francisco Housing Redevelopment Agency, CA
  • Barrett Terrace and Townhomes in Richmond, CA
  • Oakland Redevelopment Agency, CA

ATAP’s 30 year commitment to the Philippines starts with the construction of homes in 5 locations: Tarlac, Pampanga, Subic Bay, Cavite and Batangas.

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